Room for Rent, Turner

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This my house. There is a room for rent.  The price of INCLUDES heating, broadband internet, electricity, water. There is a shared kitchen, bathroom, washroom, shower, laundry, washer, dryer. You need to supply your own mobile phone, and food. 

Price depends on what lease period you want:

1. No lease $ 280 per week., 2 weeks notice to move out.
2. School term lease $250 per week, for 24 weeks (Approx February 1st - July 18 or July 17 - December 31). Total contract $6000.
3. Year lease $230. Full 52 weeks. Total contract $11960.

Penalty to break lease: $1000, plus 2 weeks notice also still required, otherwise add 2 weeks rent.

Bond: $1000.
Non-refundable deposit: 2 weeks rent.

Any queries, email me.

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The room contains a bed, bookcase, wardrobe, desk, sheets, towels etc. It has a lockable door. There is a 82cm (32”) TV in your own room for your use.  

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There is a friendly family dog, in case you have allergies.

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The house is located in Turner, approx. 1 km from the edge of the city centre and ANU.

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To apply to see the room, email me with the following details at
1. The date you are interested in moving in.

  • 2.An estimate of how long you may need the room.
  • 3.Whether you are male or female
  • 4.If you are a student,
(a) what university or school you are studying.
(b) what subject you are studying.
If you are not a student:
(a) where you work and what your occupation is.

Then we can arrange a time we can meet, if you want to see the room.

If you decide you want the room, then the following conditions will apply:
1. To secure the room you must pay 2 weeks rent. You must also return 2 copies of the signed rental agreement (
2. Rent is to be paid 4 weekly in cash, on a due date I will specify.
Price INCLUDES broadband internet connectivity, electricity, heating, water. You must supply your own phone and food.
3. Lease Period: As above

4. Bond: $1000
5. Penalty for breaking lease: sacrifice of $1000 bond, plus 2 weeks notice must be given. (otherwise a further 2 weeks penalty)
  • 6. Leave the room clean and tidy when you move out.
  • 7.You should clean up your mess in the kitchen and bathroom as you go.
  • 8.You will be responsible for cleaning one of the following each week (one will be
    selected with landlord at time of signing):
• Kitchen
• Vacuum upstairs + staircase
• Clean bathroom
• Clean washroom / toilet
  • 9.The room is for one person only.
  • 10.No Smokers please.
  • 11. Rent is payable when you are on holidays at the full rate.
  • 12. No sub-leasing of the room.
  • 13.You are responsible for the safety and insurance of your own personal effects. Neither the owner, lessor, nor anyone else in the household is to be responsible for any losses, or damages incurred including those of personal effects or personal injury, whether or not due to negligence.